Warriors David West On Life Goals vs Money

In a previous post we asked what would you do if you had won $10 million dollars.  This news story relates to the question in the previous post about what do you do once you have enough money.  Do you keep trying to accumulate more wealth / possessions or do the things you want most in life?

David West was an NBA All Star earlier in his career.  He was a great mobile shooter / scorer for his size and had a very long productive career.  Two years ago he took a large pay cut jumping from a pretty good Indiana Pacers to the very impressive San Antonio Spurs.  It did not work out well for him as they lost early in the playoffs to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

West took less money to play for a chance to Win.

The following season West decided to again accept a lower salary to join the Golden State Warriors.  This time his move paid off and helped them to win the championship.  West was interviewed and asked if taking less money was worth it.  His reply made references to the Egyptians not being able to take all their wealth with them and that personal growth /  experience was worth far more than material wealth.  Read the article below for the full quote.

What do you think?  Is West onto something here?  He could have made an additional $10 million dollars if he had asked for max money the last two seasons from other teams, but he wanted something that money could not buy him.

The Original article and interview by Marc J. Spears can be found at theundefeated.com

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