Trade Log June 2017

This will mark as the start to my trading log reporting.  I will do this in monthly posts.  This is a short report as the first trade was taken in the last week of June.

First Trade ends in loss  6/26/17

I attempted shorting the Eur/USD at 1.1193 aiming for a TP of 70 and SL of 20.  On entry I made a mistake in lot size too big by a factor of 10.  I have not traded for a while and did not understand the lot denominations.  I had to exit that immediately for 2/10 % loss.  The trade resulted in a loss as well for another 2/10 %.  Overall took at 1/2% loss.

Risk reward was a good value at 1:3, but the trade did not have momentum in the right direction.  I should have waited for confirmation.

It is hard to see but the take profit mark is in Purple just above the red line.  The start price and  stop price are in circled red dots.



Attempted to fade the strong rally in the EUR/USD.  This did not end well with the tight stop.  Took a 3/10% loss.



From these two trades I am down .69% for the first month.  What is amusing is I had thought about going long a day or two before my first short entry, but was afraid there was no support to buy on.  Had I entered this trade I would have enjoyed the long leg up.  Instead I fought missing that trade by taking two poor losing trades.

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