Relationship Between Time and Money

In short the focus of Time Hedge is to spark inquiry and thought into how we think about our time and money.  This page will provide a brief introduction to each topic of interest accompanied by the most important posts from the blog.

Housing Related

Housing is a huge industry all around the world.  The amount of total real estate value in the world is an astounding figure that some estimate over $200 trillion dollars.  Clearly this is a very important asset to understand.  Therefore, it i paramount to have a good understanding of the housing market before making a decision to buy.

Often times people are likely to follow the herd mentality.  in this case real estate is such a high valued asset it makes sense people without much thought will take action to be a part of it.  It is just as important to think about what you are giving up to buy the home as it is to think about all the benefits of becoming a homeowner.  The posts below will challenge traditional thinking and try to get you to think of housing logically and not emotionally.


Life Style

This is the most important section of the blog.  When we get right down to it the most important thing in life is finding happiness.   We can’t be happy every moment of our life, but I think the main goal should be to try and find as much of it as we can.  We all have heard that money cannot buy happiness, yet due in large part to the media’s influence we do not believe it.  The big challenge of this entire blog is to start doing what we really want with our lives now.  Maybe not all at once, but little by little as much as we can.

Related Books

I found these books to be very powerful resources.  Browne’s book How I found Freedom in and Unfree World gives readers several techniques to purse their goals through common obstacle.  Robin’s book, Your Money Or Your Life questions the 40 hour workweek and expected retirement age of 65.  It highlights the allure to living within your means, and how that can allow you the freedom to have more time to enjoy the things most important to you.








Financial firms are a huge segment of the US economy.  We are constantly solicited to let other people manage our money.  It can be intimidating to manage your own money, but who else will care about it being safe than you?  We are fortunate that today trading costs are a fraction of what they used to be and high quality mutual funds and ETF’s are available for very small management fees.  By not paying a management fee an individual investor actually has an advantage in total return.  These articles will give insight on how to do just that.  The most important thing I have learned is it is far better to miss not making money, than it is to lose money.

Permanent Portfolio Book

In Browne’s, Fail-Safe Investing he lays out a buy and hold portfolio that has held up during the worst of modern time’s recessions, while still making an excellent return.



In Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio (PP) he gives the option for the investor to have a variable portfolio (VP).  It is not required, but if chosen the idea is to only commit a very small amount of funds to it.  The money you cannot take a risk with should only be in the PP.  He also says that if you are going to have a VP and take on more risk you should also make sure you have the opportunity for very large gains.  Before learning of his PP I worked at learning to trade forex.  This essentially is a form of day trading and can be very risky.  I know the odds of success are low, but it is something I am passionate about.  I think it is the perfect instrument to have as the VP to complement the PP.



I always liked the ideals of the Athenians in their emphasis on having a sound body and mind.  From my experiences and research I believe that balance is the key in many areas of our life.  I think it is especially true in diet and exercise.  These articles will address gaining the most health benefits possible from exercise, while not over doing it either.