Quitting and Leaving Money On The Table

I am about to do something conventional wisdom would say is insane. I am going to quit my job of 12 years. It has a decent salary, health benefits, incredible job security, massive amounts of vacation time, and a great pension. Furthermore a lot of the job is very enjoyable to me. The problem is that there are challenges that get in the way of me doing the best job I know possible. Perfectionism is likely part of the equation and the fault lies with me on that one. I feel that to be effective at my job I cannot do anything once I get off work that would tire me or wear me out that might keep me from being the most effective I can be at work. All the things that don’t go well at work I carry in my mind the whole rest of the day and night trying to solve them. I feel as the job is my life, and I only really live my life during the Summer. I imagine you have guessed the profession in question and you are correct it is a public school teacher. For this I know I need to step away from the job right now.

It is a hard thing to do. On one hand I know the job has many positives, but the negatives have overwhelmed me. Taking the time away very likely will show me how great the job was. This is stressful as then I will wonder if I can get the job back, and feel bad about what I gave up. It may also show me that I am happier without the job and look forward to the new opportunities that are out there.

I realize likely I will earn much less money at least in the immediate future. This is hard to cope with. But I think about if people work their whole lives to maximize their productive hours and the money they make, they can’t take it to the grave. Yes they can pass it on to family and loved ones, and they can put it to good causes with charity. But there has to be more to life than money. This is a risk form this experiment for me, but I want to see if I can be happier with less money, more time, and hopefully less stress. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around that this is an okay thing to do, since most people would tend to disagree. Maybe its a lesson I have to learn for myself, or maybe I can pass on some new knowledge from it.

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