This is the most important section of the website.  When we get right down to it the most important thing in life is finding happiness.   We can’t be happy every moment of our life, but I think the main goal should be to try and find as much of it as we can.  We all have heard that money cannot buy happiness, yet due in large part to the media’s influence we do not believe it.  The big challenge of this entire blog is to start doing what we really want with our lives now.  Maybe not all at once, but little by little as much as we can.

There are many popular suggestions for achieving this such as: finding a career you love, starting your own business, becoming a minimalist, embracing a frugal lifestyle, living a material lifestyle, and many more.  We will examine many of these ideas in depth to try to find out what they really mean.  There is not one typical lifestyle that is best for everyone.  The key is finding the lifestyle that suites you and makes you happy.

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Health is a heavily researched and reported on topic.  It is one that constantly brings us new fads, and advice that goes contrary to common accepted beliefs.  I think it is great that we have access to these new studies, but it is important to understand other contributing factors that can skew some data.  I think it is wise to not jump into any new program before fully researching the benefits and costs, and most importantly deciding if it is something that works for you.

We are all built differently and certain programs may be easier for others and may only give positive effects to others.  I have found that balance works best for me.  I think variety is good in keeping us motivated and fresh, while also allowing the body to heal.  In the past I did not believe in rest days.  However, after getting sick frequently in the year I worked out the most, I knew I had to change.  By working out less, I was more excited for a workout, and my body felt so much better not having constant aches and pains.  I do not believe anyone can go off a strict weekly plan whether it be in terms of miles, reps, or hours.

The human body has an advanced nervous system that relays information to us constantly.  We do not need heart rate monitors, or gps watches, we just need to listen to what our body is telling us and adjust accordingly.


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Housing is a huge industry all around the world.  The amount of total real estate value in the world is an astounding figure some estimate over $200 trillion dollars.  Clearly this is a very important asset to understand.  Therefore, it is paramount to have a good understanding of the housing market before making a decision to buy.

Often times people are likely to follow the herd mentality.  In this case, real estate is such a high valued asset it makes sense people will take action to be a part of it without much thought.  It is just as important to think about what you are giving up to buy the home as it is to think about all the benefits of becoming a homeowner.

The posts below will challenge traditional thinking and try to get you to think of housing logically and not emotionally.

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Financial firms are a huge segment of the US economy.  We are constantly solicited to let other people manage our money.  It can be intimidating to manage your own money, but who else will care about it being safe more than you?  We are fortunate that today trading costs are a fraction of what they used to be and high quality mutual funds and ETF’s are available for very small management fees.  By not paying an additional advisor fee on top of these fees an individual investor actually has an advantage in total return.

It is also very easy to react to every news headline and let fear and greed guide you into making changes to your portfolio at the worst times possible. I am grateful to have stumbled upon the permanent portfolio, as a way to be protected in all economic environments, while still capturing impressive yearly market gains.  The full strategy is outlined in Harry Browne’s book Fail-Safe Investing.

Outside of employing Browne’s permanent portfolio, the most important thing I have learned is it is far better to miss out on making money, than it is to lose money.  By following these two maxims I sleep much better at night not worrying about my investments, something I never thought possible before.

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