Trade Journal

Passion for Trading

I am slowly working to improve as a forex currency trader.  I have chosen to include my trading record on the site as a way to encourage me to stick with it.  I am drawn to trading because I see it as the ultimate challenge.  I am sure there are many of us that wish we could play in the NBA, but generally due to physical limitations this is rarely a real possibility.  I equate forex trading as an open invitation to anyone to compete in the NBA of the financial markets.

There is tremendous risk in knowing you are going up against the best of the best, without the same training, tools, or support staff.  It is intimidating to really go for it knowing what the odds are, but I am grateful that no one can stand between me and this dream.  Success or failure will be decided by me alone.

The chart above will track my trades in real time.  If you click on the chart it will show you a full trading record on a third party website.  I do not guarantee the results will be good or recommend that you copy or take any of the trades you may see on that site.  If you do, please note you are taking a large risk.