June 11th, 2017 marks the launch of Time Hedge.  Here you will find articles and hopefully many comments in discussion related to aspects of the work life balance.  The focal point will be digging deep into the understanding of the value of time.  Everyone on the planet only has a finite amount of time to live.  There simply cannot be a perfect mathematical model to follow in making decisions in one’s life as there are so many variables outside our control.  We must do the best we can in preparing to live a long life, but not put off our desires and miss out along the journey.

Importance of understanding personal Finance

Our understanding of finance will be critical to make intelligent life decisions.  Yet at the same time we must recognize that not every decision we make will maximize wealth or follow conventional wisdom.  The work life balance puts a large emphasis on the value of time.  No matter how much money you make in your lifetime, you cannot exchange it back for years, days, or even minutes of life.  In general every hour you spend working to make money you are losing to enjoy life.

Personal Happiness

Ideally, we should strive to work a job we enjoy in addition to making money.  While this is possible and some achieve it, for the majority this is not a practical possibility.  However, this should not be depressing as one’s job does not define them.  We will look how one might actually be happier to work a job they don’t particularly like, but have enough income and time off to do all the things they enjoy most in life.

Time vs Money

Money can help you obtain freedom and experiences, but you must trade your life’s time and labor to earn it. There cannot be a perfect ratio for everyone. We all must decide what gives us the most happiness.

Typical 24 hour Day: Rough estimate, many items will vary day by day. Monday Through Friday.

  • Sleeping: 8 hr
  • Preparing, eating, and cleaning up meals: 1 hr
  • Washroom / grooming: 1 hr
  • Other: 1 hr
    • Total: 11 hours

Hours of life remaining per day: 13 hr

  • Standard Work Schedule: 8 hours
  • commute door to door plus early arrival: 1 hr
    • total: 9 hr

Hours of life remaining per day: 4 hr

Those that aspire to earn more money, can trade the remaining 4 hours to pick up extra work shifts or work on a side business. Those hours can also be used to be in a club, watch TV, exercise, or spend time with family and friends. The basic 8 hour workday above can be edited as well to allow even more free leisure time as well.

The important thing to think about is this: What do you want to do most with the 13 hours you have per day? The more you work, the more money you will have, but the less time to experience things. The less you work, the more time you will have for experiences, but you may not have enough money to pay for them.

The key is to find the balance such that you work enough to be able to afford the things that you want to do, but not so much that you don’t have the time or energy to do them.